Caravan holidays in Serbia

6 valuable tips for beginners camper Part 2

4. What absolutely belongs in the luggage?

Even if the mobile home is a hotel on wheels, the equipment is not automatically the same. In McRent and ADAC certain equipment such as bedding, dishes, child seat or camping set can be booked at an additional cost. For toiletries such as shower gel and toothbrush on the other hand have to be brought.
Recommended is a first aid kit, including best antinauseants or sickness for the ride itself. In addition, should always keep tenants identity cards or passports and driving licenses at hand. Also, it is not bad to keep a change of clothes, drinks and snacks handy – especially when children play in the RV while travelling.

5. Loading of the motorhome

The important thing is that heavy parts coming down, ideally in the region of the axis. When cornering, the vehicle is stabilized by a low center of gravity. Generally it should be noted that the mobile home is not overloaded. This not only saves fuel but kept the tourists also during inspections of potential fines. Weight saving starts with the food: canned instead prefer dried soups, canned ravioli instead prefer a pack of noodles. Before getting started, everything should be well stowed. A tip for fragile dishes: the spaces stuffed with good kitchen towels. So that the driver will travel on straight lines, it should be checked before departure, if there are on shelf space easily falling objects.

6. What should I consider while driving?

Even as a newcomer in the camper you get used to fast driving. Still, it never hurts to practice before the start of the trip and to acquire so a certain driving experience. A mobile home, unlike a small car to another braking behavior, other visibility and an unfamiliar curve radius. It is therefore advisable to carry out some maneuvering and parking maneuvers. So you learn to deal with the new spaces.